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Concrete is one of those elements that seem to have multiple personalities. One moment it’s almost like a liquid that you can mix and pour, and the next, it becomes rock solid. It’s incredible how something so flexible only hours ago can seem like the toughest substance you have ever seen. You can do pretty much anything with it, from foundations to pillars to roads to pavements. Concrete flatwork is the application of concrete to any horizontal surface, making it even. It’s super strong, adaptable, and lasts for a long time.

Concrete flatwork is done by pouring and shaping concrete evenly over a horizontal surface. Concrete is one of the few materials that can achieve that perfect evenness. Flatwork gets done by using a frame along with a sub-base that will provide strength and support to the concrete. This ensures that there will be no cracks as more pressure is put on the concrete. Concrete flatwork is primarily done on pathways, driveways, patios, and foundations. Interestingly, it’s also used on surfaces that don’t seem strictly horizontal, like ramps. 

Various Concrete Flatwork Finishes

Concrete Companies In Maryland
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The finish of a concrete flatwork depends on the particular surface and its intended usage. If it’s an indoor application, homeowners usually prefer a smooth and even finish. The primary reason could be to facilitate seamless movement and to make it easy to clean. When concrete flatwork is applied outdoors, like walkways, pavements, and roads, a textured finish is a usual choice. This increases friction and grip and makes it less likely to be slippery.

Advantages of Concrete Flatwork

It’s Durable

As long as premium cement is used, and the project is executed by experienced professionals, concrete flatwork can last a long time, even up to three decades or so. Moreover, it can handle the extreme weight and frequent use, making it the ideal choice for garages and driveways.

It’s Flexible

Concrete’s flexibility ensures that not all flatwork surfaces resemble the same. They can be given various finishes according to the usage of the surface. Importantly, they can also be made to appear like cobblestone, marble, or brick, among others. They can even be made to appear stamped or stained.

It’s Easy to Maintain

Perhaps what homeowners like most about concrete flatwork is that it’s easy to clean. When done efficiently, there’s no question of any weed growth, which can happen with other surfaces. With a washer or a hose, anyone can clean the surface quickly. When getting a concrete flatwork done, homeowners should make sure that the drainage system is up to order.

Things to Keep In Mind

The quality of the concrete flatwork primarily depends on the quality of the concrete that’s used. Homeowners should make sure that they only use premium concrete. The cheap versions pushed by shoddy builders won’t be able to handle the pressure, and sooner than later, there will be cracks on the surface. If the homeowner is in a hurry, they can opt for high early concrete that, as the name suggests, dries faster than others.

The finish of the concrete flatwork should be based on the usage of the surface. More finishes or intricate designing will increase the cost but make it aesthetically superior and increase the value of the property. Importantly, the homeowners will have to ensure that the finishing is done within a particular time-frame. When the finished is delayed, or done prematurely, it can lead to staining.

With the right type of premium concrete, a thoroughly professional and experienced crew that can honor the timeline, and an involved homeowner, an excellent concrete flatwork project can be done within the given time.

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