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When you google to find “plumbers near me” – the results can be overwhelming. Look no further! At Limitless Contracting LLC we offer professional services for water main breaks and other plumbing repair needs.

We work side by side with John Shaw & HLP Construction to ensure the highest quality repairs and installations.

Located in Western Howard County,  H.L.P. Construction is committed to making all your home renovation dreams come true. Whether your project is as small as a bathroom remodel or as large as adding an addition onto your home, with H.L.P. Construction the possibilities are endless and we are here to make sure your ideas become a reality. We take pride in the fine details that make our work stand out from the rest.

Water Retention Ponds

Wet retention ponds are stormwater control systems that provide retention and treatment of contaminated stormwater runoff. By capturing and retaining stormwater runoff, wet retention ponds control stormwater quantity and quality.

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